At Appstone, Outsourcing is the practice of engaging with a third-party expert to assist a business in executing its software development project responsibilities more efficiently and effectively.

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Adding the right technical talent to your team is hard. Especially when you need to scale fast without a lengthy hiring process.

We have realised that hiring and resource management is one of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises. With the help of Nextstacks, our e-learning initiative, we have successfully trained a large number of developers and outsourced them to our clients to be part of their growth journey.

The performance of our developers has created a long lasting impact on our clients and this has played a large role in the growth of our company. We see a potential to become a major player in the market in the outsourcing industry and everyday we strive to make the learning process more efficient for our students and employees.

Our Process

Steps we strongly follow



Nurturing is the first step in our procedure, Where we convey knowledge to our staff based on our experienced tech leads so that they can develop abilities that will help them in projects.



Once we believe our staff is skilled and ready to take on something more complex, we assign them to work on jobs that are not too difficult. This approach teaches students significantly more about development and troubleshooting than formal learning alone.



We deploy our teams to our clients so that they can continue to work on impactful projects once they have completed projects and are capable of handling responsibilities independently.


What our clients think about us

Been working with AppStone for a few years now. They have been giving us amazing resources over multiple projects. What I love the most is their consistency in delivering quality code.
Tony Alapatt
Tony Alapatt
CEO - Paper Rocket Labs, Bangalore

Our Portfolio

Some works of art we have created for you



Taskdu is a one-stop financial application to organise & track your clients across various assignments. 


Nextstacks is a product of Appstone where we upskill college students to build industry-level coding expertise. 

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