Cyber Security

Our #1 priority is cyber security. We employ technology, policies, and regulations to protect systems, networks, processes, devices, and data against cyber-attacks.

Why Cyber security is important for business

Even the smallest of organizations has a digital footprint. A phone, a tablet, a laptop, a Wi-Fi connection, a printer, a CCTV system, attendance system and so on. Scale this up with the scale of the organization, and you have a whole network of systems. Now add to this the data which an organization works with – internal data coming from these systems, external client-based data, contact data, marketing data, financial data, human resources data, operational data, and yet again, so many other types of data, given the quantum of data being generated just daily.

Now add to this regulations and laws which govern the industry you are in, and compliances which must be followed and met with. Some of these laws concern your digital footprint as well.

This requires every organization to work on their cyber security measures – both for compliances, as well as threats like –

  1. Privacy Breaches
  2. Phishing Attacks
  3. Data Security Breaches
  4. Social Engineering and Ransomware Attacks
  5. Cloud Breaches
  6. Attacks on your devices

Appstone offers a comprehensive set of cyber security products to protect your organization from such threats, while ensuring compliances are being met.


Reason for choosing us as your partner

Partners not Vendors

Partners not Vendors

At Appstone, we are not just vendors – we are your partners in implementing cyber security for your organization. When it comes to security, trust is an important aspect. You can trust us with your data and your systems.

Round-the-Clock Support

Round-the-Clock Support

We are there for you – 24/7/365. We understand that any glitches in systems, especially when it comes to cyber security, can bring work to a complete standstill. Appstone is there to resolve these problems on a real-time basis – save on the costs associated with avoidable delays.

Complete Security Solutions

Complete Security Solutions

Our experienced and expert team understands the importance of a holistic cyber security system. It is not just our job, but our responsibility to assess the gaps in your systems to make sure that every aspect of cyber security is accounted for. Appstone offers complete security solutions for your organization.

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We make it more easy for you

  1. Know the Industry – every industry has a different set of regulations and compliances to meet. Understanding the specifics of the industry you are in is the first step to designing cyber security solutions for you.
  2. Understanding you – after the industry, it is important for Appstone to “know the customer”. This best helps us assess the situation and offer a solution.
  3. Assess your cyber security needs.
  4. Customize the cyber security solutions to keep in sync with you and the industry.
  5. Implement cyber security for your organization after getting approval.

What we can do

We can do many things to secure you

GDPR Compliance

GDPR serves as the framework against which privacy of data is maintained for any organization that deals with anyone from the EU. If your organization works with the EU, then it is mandatory to be GDPR compliant – individual privacy rights form the core of this framework. Appstone ensures that your systems are GDPR compliant to avoid any legal and/or political tangles during your operations.

Implementation of ISO 27001

Information security is crucial for any organization, but this is an international concern as well. ISO 27001 is an international standard on managing information security. Being ISO 27001 compliant not only ensures that your own data and systems are secure, but it also adds to the brand value of your organization as vendors and clients alike feel more secure in taking their business to you and bringing you more business.

Strengthening Data Security

Depending upon the extent of your digital footprint including systems, networks, and data, we customize measures and solutions to ensure that you are secure digitally. This includes setting up firewalls, making sure that information and data is secure, and CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) of information is maintained.

Training Modules

While one-time implementation of cyber security measures can help you get started, it is important for your IT team to be updated with the latest in terms of compliances as well as security measures. Our cyber security training modules make sure that you keep up to date in this field.


What our clients think about us

Been working with AppStone for a few years now. They have been giving us amazing resources over multiple projects. What I love the most is their consistency in delivering quality code.
Tony Alapatt
Tony Alapatt
CEO - Paper Rocket Labs, Bangalore

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Nextstacks is a product of Appstone where we upskill college students to build industry-level coding expertise. 

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