Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the umbrella term which comprises multiple topics ranging from data collection, storage, and analyzing data from business activities to improve the business performance.

What we do on a day to day basis

Data extraction

Data extraction

Data extraction is the process of obtaining raw data, be it from a transactional database, an API or as primitive as from a flat file.

Data Storage

Data Storage

Extracted data has to be stored somewhere to study. Depending on the kind of data and size of data, we might store it in either No SQL, SQL or in a Big Data environment. This is the staging area for the data. This is a temporary storage, where the data will be transformed.

Data Transformation​

Data Transformation

The raw data can't be read or analyzed without cleaning or aggregation since the data might contain a lot of noise or extra information which might not be required for analysis.

Data Loading

Data Loading

This can be treated as the last step of the ETL(Extraction, Transform, Load) process. Here we load the data in the data warehouse which will be further used to do all kinds of visualization or data related analysis.

Analysis Services

Analysis Services

After the process of data loading is completed we create OLAP cubes which changes the data analysis to drag and drop action and does not require to write any queries in the database. This helps to save time and also simplifies the process.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

This is done on either top of the Database layer or on top of analysis services. We can leverage the power of tools like Power BI, Tableau and QlikView to visualise and create reports.

Benefits to the user base

Benefits to the User Base

There are multiple benefits which depend on the type of organization. Pointing some of them here.

This analysis allows the users to make data driven decisions for the future.

  1. Analyzing data from multiple sources.
  2. comparative/variance analysis across periods and applications.
  3. NLG libraries to auto-generate comments.
  4. Advance reporting with drill down features.
  5. ML algorithms to do forecasting and predictive analysis.
  6. What-If-Analysis based on BIZ needS.
  7. User Securitization – A person can see only the data that he would be authorized to see.


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Been working with AppStone for a few years now. They have been giving us amazing resources over multiple projects. What I love the most is their consistency in delivering quality code.
Tony Alapatt
Tony Alapatt
CEO - Paper Rocket Labs, Bangalore

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