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Appstone was established in 2016 with the aim to provide premium IT services to our clients. We at Appstone have always been inclined to learn and leverage the power of new and upcoming technologies to create an impact for ourselves and our clients.

Our Objective

Our aim is for your business to create a positive impact on the community!


To adapt to the ever changing world of technology and to leverage these technologies to initiate meaningful impact for both clients and ourselves. Appstone not only provides services to our clients but also outsources resources to enable our clients to continue to do great things.


Any business which is not using technology will be left behind by the ones that are using technology to gain a competitive edge. We want to help make our clients businesses more efficient and profitable.


We believe that the change starts here. Appstone has ventured into the ed-tech space and has been creating impact ever since. We empower and provide the skill sets required for college students to excel in the field of technology. These students are the impact creators and leaders of tomorrow.


we’ve worked with some amazing brands

Advantage Club
CSM Tech In
Paper Rocket Labs
Dr Signet

Meet The Team

Faces behind our success

Akash Gautam ​

Director, Appstone

Akash Gautam is heading the technical wing of Appstone and is responsible for growth of the technical team, in numbers and skills. He has a masters degree from Colorado State University, USA, where he started his journey to become a MERN stack developer. In his experience in the last 6 years he has achieved technical expertise to be able to lead and guide the team in the same path.

Dibyajyoti Nayak

Dibyajyoti Nayak

Director, Appstone

Dibyajyoti Nayak started his career off with Accenture in the IT domain and has been ever fascinated with it. He leads the growth of the company and the education platform, Nextstacks. He has been leading from the front and has played a crucial role in the growth of the company. Dibyajyoti has used his inter-personal skills to build connections in the industry and he also likes to address students of various colleges to bring awareness to them about the ongoing technical advancements in the field of IT.

Saraschandraa Muralisekar

Saraschandraa Muralisekar

Software Architect

Saraschandraa is a Google certified Android Developer who has ample experience in Android, iOS, and Backend application development. He leads the team of mobile application developers at Appstone and is also responsible for creating the software architecture of the projects that Appstone works on. Saras has been leading the training module of Nextstacks on Android applications and Java and is working on creating more content on iOS and firebase integration on Android. Saras also has exposure to Augmented Reality and game development using Unity.

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